Armida Hemeling Rede Bundesumweltministerium Jan 2016
Armida Hemeling Rede Bundesumweltministerium Jan 2016

Armida Hemeling

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Armida Hemeling

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My business activities are based and focused on economics and globalization issues, even though the management development and coaching services have gradually become a driving force as well. In the following sites you will find information and my answers to some of the needs evolving alongside with higher standards, advanced globalization and digitalization.


Globalized Structures

In the upcoming years we will face a stronger consolidation across industries and markets and fundamental structural changes as a result of technology-advances, geo-strategical and socio-political policies ...

Armida Hemeling

Politics & Economics

I provide leaders with resilient collaboration and growth models intertwined with diligently executed services and a high-level exclusive network between private & public sectors for top notch networking in Europe, US, Mercosur & Asean-China ...

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