Armida Hemeling Rede Bundesumweltministerium Jan 2016
Armida Hemeling Rede Bundesumweltministerium Jan 2016



Goduni International Advisory Board
Armida Hemeling
Hauffstr. 6
72074 Tübingen

Telefon: +49 7071 550644
Telefax: +49 7071 551208

"Hemeling Leadership in Economics & Politics" is a brand & business unit of Goduni e.c. International Advisory Board (Goduni) - a German corporation. The adviser team is built upon an outstanding entrepreneur membership (Advisers) and affiliated partners (Partners), hence we work together on a sub-contracting basis within the Goduni network in order to retain our independence, specialization and entrepreneurship. Goduni has been founded by Mrs. Armida Hemeling in January 2004 and is still owned by her - unchanged. Goduni offers their customers advisory services, execution support and collaboration solutions that empower and ensure the corporate globalization, which are backed by management development programs conducted by Hemeling. Therefore the unit "Hemeling Management Seminare & Trainings" provides and emphasizes the necessity of a globally leadership program for executives and managers accross corporate markets and activities.

Company: GODUNI e.c. - International Advisory Board
Business Unit: Hemeling Leadership Economics & Politics
Address: Hauffstrasse 6
D-72074 Tübingen
Phone: +49/7071/55 06 44
Fax: +49/7071/55 12 08

CEO: Armida Hemeling
VAT/Tax no: DE232950622
Founded: January 2004


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