Armida Hemeling Rede Bundesumweltministerium Jan 2016
Armida Hemeling Rede Bundesumweltministerium Jan 2016

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I´m grateful for the invitation, to be part of the development policy meeting representing the german private sector at the "Housing and Sustainable Urban Development Agenda" of the UN Habitat III process and the associated conferences. For more please go to the UN Habitat website.

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Technology forum on energy and resource recovery - transforming the industries towards eco-friendly economies 

On December 20 MUEG-Goduni held the technology forum on energy and resource recovery in Zagreb which has been supported by the German Federal Ministry for Environment, Climate Protection, Construction and Nuclear Safety and the Croatian Ministry of Environment and Energy. Partner of this forum were also the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. Given to the high-level participants this forum has been a success and a great pleasure as well - addressing and discussing climate protection, the generation and use of secondary raw materials in energy generation and manufacturing processes. All participants were deeply engaged in the discussion finding solutions and outlining ways towards transformation. 

We agreed upon „climate protection doesn´t make sense for ecological reasons only  but increasingly for economical and social reasons … hence, recognizing that fact, we have to engage the industries and societies at numerous levels in this transformation, helping them to see the interests and benefits, to understand and to support it“. Looking forward to the continuing steps.

Goduni International Advisory - Copyright all rights reserved 2016 Mayor Hans-Werner Bartsch and Armida Hemeling at the German Federal Ministry For The Enviroment.. ´Jan 2016

Many thanks to the German Federal Ministry For The Environment... (BMUB), German RETech, the croatian ministries, german and croatian municipalities and all the representatives of the public and private corporations participating the second german-croatian economic-technological conference which took place in Bonn on January 28/29, 2016 - organized and hosted by Goduni International (GODUNI). My thanks to the team for their excellent work. To learn more about the next bilateral steps and conclusions please visit and get in touch with GODUNI.

by Armida Hemeling German Federal Ministry for EconomicAffairs and Energy Technology Forum in Belgrade, Nov 2016

The consortium Conoscope-Goduni in cooperation with German RETech organized and hosted the first german-serbian"Recycling & Waste Management Technology Forum" of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) in Belgrade on 2016, 02-04 Nov. - participated by 216 decision makers (Ministries, Municipalities, state-owned and private-held corporations, NGOs, Banking, etc.). Hereby once again, I want to thank the stakeholders for their confidence, their trust and support - as well as our partners, our staff and last but not least all participants for this wonderful event. Please take a look at IXPOS to learn more about the results.

The technology congress in Sao Paulo -in brief-:

The first german-brazilian technology congress took place on Dec. 16-17, 2013 in Sao Paulo, Jundiai, focusing on environmental technologies, sophisticated, high-end solutions and services. Mrs. Armida Hemeling was invited to give a presentation and speech on structuring and executing public-private transactions. Around 480 invited representatives of the state government, public institutions & municipalities, public and private banks, insurances as well as private corporations took part in this congress. To learn more on the projects take a look here

The environmental technology conference in Zagreb -in brief-:

The Technology Conference of RETech Partnership, financially and actively supported by the German Federal Ministries of Environment and Economy, successfully took place in Zagreb on September 04 - 05. The encouraging and interesting opening speech was given by the German Ambassador, Mr. Hans Peter Annen, to whom I´m grateful, and followed by the Ministry of Environment of Germany and Croatia as well as the Croatian Ministry of Development, the high-ranked representatives of institutions and state- &/ private-owned companies of both countries, which came to the conference to improve and strengthen the bilateral policies and activities. As the initiator and in charge of this conference on behalf of RETech I´m looking back pleased and grateful to everyone supported and attended it.

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