Armida Hemeling Rede Bundesumweltministerium Jan 2016
Armida Hemeling Rede Bundesumweltministerium Jan 2016

about me

My name is Armida Hemeling - an entrepreneur and adviser on strategy, financing and capacity building. I live with my husband and my son in Germany - nonetheless I consider myself as an European Citizen. I have been responsible for the global business structures and competency management of one of the largest european IT & C corporations. But I have also been in charge of multinational projects with cap sized high-end technology & automotive corporations and also leading mutlinational teams and projects of the private and public sector. Throughout my career and personal life, I have always been deeply interested in multinational large-scale infrastructure projects (esp. Europe, USA, ASEAN-China, Mercosur-Brazil and EU-Eastern Partnership) - wherever the private and the public sector have to cooperate effectively and do good, e.g. energy, mobility, resource 4.0, climate protection.


more impressions of my daily work

Over the years and based on my experience I have become certain, that our economy will have to adapt and to shift into green, circular and sustainable oriented economy. The same applies to our society. In 2008 I started focusing on this transformation and contributed to the shaping of such a future. This is also the reason for my engagement  in the UN Habitat III process as one of the representatives of the german industry in 2015-2016 (go to interesting for more on this) and the reason for my engagement in the EU Taxonomy, the Green Bond Alliance as well as EU Directive Circular Economy. Above you see one of such events of the EU Commission where I was invited as a speaker and expert on "green sustainable growth in the EU" by Mr. Karmenu Vella (former Commissioner for DG Environment, Oceans and Fishery). 


Some of my current engagements are:

  • Founder, shareholder and CEO (Goduni International GmbH),
  • Co-founder and Board Member (renewable energy provider),
  • Member of the Scientific Advisory Board (renewable energy  corporation),
  • Board Member and Chair South-Eastern-Europe (association of the german circular economy industry),
  • Board Member (association for research & education),
  • Speaker at national and international conferences (Ministeries, EU Commission, IFC/World Bank, GIZ, Ost-Ausschuss der Deutschen Wirtschaft, Messe Hannover, etc.),
  • Business Angel and Entrepreneur.


I am grateful for the trust and confidence of all my customers and partners and I am looking forward to my next challenges.

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Welcome to my official personal website. Please contact me at

Goduni International Advisory


In cases I am not available please contact my personal assistant 

Ms. Nevena Mitic at +49 7071 958 305 or or use the form -> contact

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