Armida Hemeling Rede Bundesumweltministerium Jan 2016
Armida Hemeling Rede Bundesumweltministerium Jan 2016

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Public sector

Two of the primary future challenges of the public sector are the infrastructure and the urbanization trends - incl. energy, mobility, sanitary. Given to their complexity and multidisciplinary, companies of the private sector must to be/get involved. Leading to stronger cooperation, PPPs are expected to become more relevant in the future. The financing is expected to become "more green". And for sure, the population growth epicenters are going to be Africa & Asia, however the transformation of lifestyles/society and infrastructure in the EU and US is tremendous, requiring new solutions. I am actively anticipating these events.

Climate protection

One of the most imporant tasks in protecting our climate is replacing natural resources in manufacturing processes by high-quality secondary raw materials. In the last 35 years the technological improvements have led us to a level that reasonably enables such a replacement in the very near future. Over the last years we designed a holistic approach with the regulatory, public and private sector in order to do that. In the upcoming events we are going to show and discuss regulation, technology and economic perspectives with stakeholders & interested corporations throughout Europe.

Private sector

Strategic perspective:
There are disruptive & sustaining innovations on the one side and geo-strategical, power shifting issues on the other side getting momentum, reshaping old rules & playground of many industries - globally, not only in the EU or the US.

The experience over the last decades shows: the so-called "the new normal" is neither the same for each & every country or industry nor for any company. Every single company has to diligently identify & live up to the "own new normal" by taking into account the regulative, innovative, organizational, geo-strategical indicators. This is a very interesting & fulfilling part of my daily work.

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